Hungry for Health Gingerbread Cake



Chantelle Spriggs

Hungry for Health is a Jersey-based food business which was established in 2014 by Chantelle Spriggs, former Nutritional Advisor, BSc (Hons), CHed DipNutTh.


With a vision to produce delicious yet 100% healthy baked goodies, Chantelle has taken her nutritional expertise and passion for baking healthy food, to carve out a clear place for the Hungry for Health 'Super . Real . Food' range in the healthy snack market.


Hungry for Health's brownies and banana bread are lovingly handmade and naturally delicious!


"I have long been fascinated by the power of nutrition and lifestyle on the body and I truly believe we are the result of what we eat, drink, think, breathe and slap on our skin".



Why 'Hungry for Health'?


"I believe that many of us are hungry on a nutritional level – many of us are malnourished. We have copious amounts of food available to us and we eat in abundance, but a great deal of the 'food' is not real food so it can be deficient or totally devoid of nutrients".

Hungry for Health's mission is to provide delicious & nutritious snacks for people who want to feel well, naturally.